Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update about Tablo's Controversy

It has been an issue for many months about Tablo whose english name is Daniel Armand Lee and korean name Lee Sun-Woong. He's one of the members of the famous Korean group singer Epik High, a hiphop musician and a rap artist. It became a controversy if he graduated in Stanford University or not. Koreans know that he graduated in that said famous University but based on what he said on some famous programs. Who cares if he graduated there or not? But in Korea it's a big issue specially when you are famous. Well he said in a tv program that he graduated in 2002 and then in another program, he said that he taught English in Korea for a year in 2001. So those who are anti-Tablo used those words that put Tablo in trouble. They don't trust him whatever he said. He showed some pictures of him with his friends when he was studying in Stanford including his picture wearing toga when he graduated. But some said that everyone can do that. Maybe he went to Stanford to visit the school, etc. He showed his diploma but they said it has different signature. So to prove everything, he went back to Stanford after 8 years and there he met his former teachers and people that he knows who are still working in that University.

It made me feel sad while watching his documentary in MBC Special. I don't understand people who are trying to pull someone's down. It's so sad to know that people who are trying to pull you down are your fellowmen. I don't know why they practice crab mentality.

Anyway, I'm so glad that everything went well. It is now proven that Tablo was graduated in Stanford University and the police officers arrested and still arresting some of those who attacked him on the net.

To Tablo, cheer up! God knows what is best for you!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Episode of Kim Tak Gu

The drama Kim Tak Gu ended last week. I never missed any part of the drama. I love every scene from the beginning until the end because it has a happy ending. I was worried that it would be like some Korean dramas that don't have happy endings but this one had except the one that Sin Yu Gyeong (Yu Jin) got married to Goo Ma Jun but it also made the drama more interesting because Yu Gyeong married Ma Jun to revenge against his family.

Goo Ma Jun and Sin Yoo Gyeong got married and the revenge started agains Ma Jun's mom. Ma Jun gave the bracelet to Yoo Gyeong. That bracelet was Ma Jun's mom. It fell down when Ma Jun's grandma died because she heard Han Seung Jae and Ma Jun's mom talking about their son Goo Ma Jun.

Han Seung Jae and Ma Jun's mom noticed that Yoo Gyeong knew about their secret so they were talking about it and Goo Il Joong was behind them listening. He was pretending to be very sick because he wanted to know about everything specially about his mom's death and he found it out.

Kim Tak Gu managed his father's business. He saved including the factory that was about to be bankrupted. He also met his mom and Han Seung Jae was brought to prison. Goo Ma Jun and Sin Yoo Gyeong moved to another place. After saving his father business, Kim Tak Gu chose her half sister Goo Ja Gyeong to manage the business. Kim Tak Gu decided to go back to the Bakery where he learned how to make bread. It was closed but Tak Gu also helped it run again.

Kim Tak Gu and Goo Ma Jun became closed to each other. Actually, it was Goo Ma Jun who called the police officers to arrest his real father. I learned a lot from this drama. The role of Kim Tak Gu taught me a lot. We have to be patience. Whatever hindrances we meet, we have to move on. Don't give up!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Kim Tak Gu, the King of the Baker

The King of the Baker, Kim Tak Gu (Jae Ppang Wang Kim Tak Gu) with its 33% ratings, is one the most famous korean drama in this season.

Kim Mi Soon is one of the helpers at home of the owner of Goseong Bread Company whose Gu Il Joong (Jeon Gwang Ryeol), the boss wants to have a son. He has two daughters Gu Ja Gyeong (Chui Ja Hye) and Gu Ja Rim (Chui Yoon Young). So he had a relationship with Kim Mi Soon and she became pregnant. Gu Il Jeong's wife knew about it so she tried to abort the baby but Mi Soon ran away until she delivered a baby and called him Kim Tak Gu. Gu Il Jeong suggested that name when they were still together. Gu Il Jeong's wife also bore a baby boy whose father was the secretary of the family Han Seung Jae (Jeong Seong Mo) and called him Gu Ma Jun. Here are the two kids who did really great on their acting as Kim Tak Gu and Gu Ma Jun.

Kim Mi Soon and Kim Tak Gu lived in a small village where there's a Goseong Company built. One day, Kim Tak Gu and his friends went there and stole some bread. They got in because his friend's father works there. But they were caught. They were running away when they almost hit by the car where the boss was riding. It was his time to visit the company. They were brought to the police station but were forgiven after. Kim Tak Gu gathered some money and paid the bread. The boss was so glad and he asked his name. He was curious, he remembered that name so he asked his secretary Han Seung Jae (Jeong Seong Mo) to research something about that boy. He knew that it was the Mi Soon's son that he forgave when she delivered and baby and told her to never show up again or they will be killed.

Mi Soon saw Seung Jae and she got afraid, she was trying to escape again but Kim Tak Gu was crying and didn't want to leave. Mi Soon decided to give Kim Tak Gu to his father because she thinks he can have a good future if he leaves there.

To be continued.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Last Episode of Cinderella's Sister

I've always wanted to post about this last episode of Cinderella's Sister (Cinderella ui Onni) but I couldn't get time to talk about it. It has been a month now since it ended but let me share something about it even when it's too late.

Cinderella's mom came back because they thought their brother has lost. They found him under the office desk of his father. He said he played Hide and Seek with his father and slept there. The business (Makgoli, korean traditional wine) also went well after Cinderella's sister (Moon Geun Young) sued Gi Hoon's dad. He was brought to prison. Gi Hoon cried a lot but through it their relationship became closer.

Eun Jo (Geun Young) and Gi Hoon made a promised for their love but for the sake of Hyo Seon (So Woo) she left the house. Cinderella loves Gi Hoon so much that's why she gave up her love to Gi Hoon and wrote to him to take care Ji Seon. But Gi Hoon didn't give up. He didn't stop finding her until one day, they met again. They didn't get married but they are happy. Hyo Seon also accepted that Gi Hoon is not the one for him.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cinderella's Sister

Cinderella's Sister is one of the dramas that I'm hooked now. It's the drama that I really wanted to share and recommend from the first time that I saw it. Moon Geun Young and So Woo are both doing great in this drama. They are very good actresses and I give them two thumbs up on their acting ability on this drama. I'm not a fan of them but I start to like them because of this drama.

KBS TV series "Cinderella's Sister" maintained its position as the most-popular drama on Wednesday and Thursday nights, blowing away its competition in the same prime time slot with solid ratings.

Here's some of the scene of the first episode of the drama. Moon Geun Young's mom is leaving with an irresponsible guy. A drunken man who always hits Moon Geun Young's mom. One day, Moon Geun Young's stepfather was hitting his wife again so Moon Geun Young as Seong Eun Jo was so angry so she grab her mom and they ran away.

Eun Jo's stepfather asked his friends (gangsters) to follow and catch them because they brought the ring. They found them on the train and Eun Jo went to the bathroom where Seo Woo as Koo Hyo Seon (student) was in. Eun Jo couldn't run away anymore so she passed the ring to Hyo Seon.

Eun Jo's mom, Lee Mi Sook as Song Kang Sook went to Hyo Seon's school to get the ring. She brought her to her house and Eun Jo's mom found that Hyo Seon (Cinderella) was rich so she tempted her dad Kim Kap Soo as Koo Dae Seong, who was a widow and he fell in love with her. Hye Seon's real mom died when she was a little so she loved Kang Sook so much because she needed a mom's love. She did her best so that her dad would marry Kang Sook.

Dae Seong asked Cheon Jeong Myeong as Hong Gi Heun to pick up and take Eun Jo home. And that's how Hyo Seon (the Cinderella of the house) and Eun Jo (Cinderella's sister) became sisters.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Enjoy the Summer

Spring is in the air. And after the spring comes summer. But this year, winter is too long. It's supposed to be spring now but it's still cold. I guess Spring is gone because after this cold season comes summer. See, it's already fourth month of the year and it's still cold and a few weeks later it's already summer.

My hubby prefers cold to hot season it's because he can't endure the heat. I understand him so as a good wife, I'm doing my best so that he can enjoy every seasons. Are you ready for the summer? Well, I'm still preparing myself that's why I'm checking these air conditioners. Air conditioners can help you endure the heat and enjoy the summer.

These ductless air conditioners are perfect for the bedrooms. They really suit well in my rooms. It is said that the quality products, longevity, and efficiency are the reasons why people trust them. I absolutely agree and I want to include the beauty of the design and comfort. I really want at least one of these split air conditioners. If I have one, I'm sure my hubby won't complain anymore about the hot weather and he would expect and wait for summer every year.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Choi Jin Sil's Brother Choi Jin Young also Commited Suicide

Choi Jin Young, the younger brother of the late famous Korean actress Choi Jin Sil also commited suicide by hanging himself in an electric wire in the attic of his home on Monday afternoon. A year and a half after the death of his sister Choi Jin Shil who commited suicide last October 2008. He did it because of depression since his sister died and also having a problem with his career as an actor.

Choi Jin Young was taking care of his sister's two children. And now the kids will be left under the custody of their grandmother.

Photo Source: koreanwiz

Monday, March 22, 2010

Birth of a Rich Man

I enjoy watching this KBS drama entitled Birth of a Rich Man "부자의 탄생" (Bujaui Tansaeng). I saw the first episode and I like it so much that's why I don't wanna miss any episodes of the drama.

On the first episode of the drama Birth of a Rich Man, Choi Seok Bong (Ju Hyeon Woo) was young and he was at the school fought with his classmate. The teacher asked the two students what their parents were doing. Choi Seok Bong said his dad was a very rich man but some students said that he doesn't have dad because they have never seen him. They couldn't believe so he showed his necklace and told them how he had it.

There was a lady in the airport to meet his boyfriend who was going abroad but he was with another woman. She was carrying a cake and because of her anger, she threw the cake on his face leaving some dirt on her butt. She was crying and when she saw a chair she sat down and didn't notice the paper on the chair. That paper was the guy's airplane ticket. He was trying to take it but the lady slapped him because she thought he wanted to touch her butt. She stood up and the guy followed her because his ticket was stuck on her butt. When she saw him following her, she hurried outside then the ticket flew away so the guy couldn't take the plane.

He explained everything to her. They were both disappointed so they drank and slept together in a hotel. The next day, they saw in the news that the plane that the guy was about to take crashed. The guy was so grateful and would like to know her better but on that day, an urgent business trip came again so he has to hurry and leave her alone leaving his phone number and a necklace to her. He said he would wait for her call. A few days later, the girl went to the public phone to call him but there was an old woman fell down in the street so she helped her and forgot about the book where the rich guy's phone number was written. She got pregnant and didn't have any contact with the guy.

Than lady was Seok Bong's mother and the guy was his father. When the teacher heard about it, he didn't punish him. He told him to go back to his seat and remember him when he meet his father.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Two Last Episodes of Loving You A Thousand Times

Today was the last episode of Loving You A Thousand Times/ I Love You Ten Million Times or Cheonmanbon Saranghae in Korean. I like it so much that I didn't want to miss any episode. The two last episodes made me cry again. Baeg Kang Ho (Jeong Gyo Woon) found out that Go Eun Nim (Lee Soo Gyeong) has a cancer. He wanted to take care and save her but Go Eun Nim takes pity on him. She doesn't want to see him sad and bothered him, so even when she loves him, she's trying to avoid him.

(Kang Ho Never Gave Up His Love)
Baeg Kang Ho went to Eun Nim's parent to find her but she wasn't there. So he knelt down to Eun Nim's parents and told them to save Eun Nim. They were surprised because they didn't know anything about Eun Nim's condition. They called her and beg if she could come home. She did and so she met Kang Ho outside who was waiting for her. Eun Nim's parent asked him to go home because his grandma called. She was so angry. She said it wasn't right for Kang Ho to go there and meet Eun Nim because they are already divorced. Kang Ho didn't go home. He waited for Eun Nim in his car but Eun Nim asked her parents to tell Kang Ho to leave. Kang Ho cried many times in this drama because of his love to Eun Nim. But he never gave up.

(Kang Ho knew that Eun Nim wants to survive for him.)
Eun Nim came home but she felt very sick at night. She called Kang Ho and they brought her to the hospital. In the hospital, while Kang Ho was out, Eun Nim was crying when she said to her mom that she wants to live longer for Kang Ho and for her dad. She said she can't leave them. Kang Ho was listening in front of the door crying.

(They got married for the second time.)
Kang Ho's brother, Baeg Sae Hoon (Ryu Jin) was very supportive to him. He gave him a house key and told Kang Ho to live there with Eun Nim. The place is good for Eun Nim's health because it's near the sea. He took care of Eun Nim there and one day when Eun Nim woke up, she saw a box in the bed. In the box was a beautiful dress. Kang Ho dressed up too. They went out and Kang Ho took her in the church. They prayed there and married themselves again. It was a very romantic and full of emotions.

(The Happy Ending.)
Go Eun Nim decided to get an operation soon. Everyone was worried because operation means live or death. Before the operation, the whole family gave her encouragement. Baeg Sae Hoon came too. Lee Seon Yeong (Go Eun Mi), her sister in law also decided to come with her son (Eun Nim's Surrogate son). She asked her son to encourage her aunt (real mom) and kiss her. Everyone knows about everything so they cried.

(After 2 years.)
Baeg Kang Ho has been to a business trip. Baeg Sang Ho and his wife have now a good relationship. Kang Ho's mom is still sick (She lost her mind. She acts like a kid.) Nan Jeong (Park Soo Jin) had a daughter. Park Ae Rang, Eun Nim's stepmom (Lee Mi Young) is so happy because finally she's now moving to an apartment. It was her dream. Yoon So Weol (Bang Eun Hui), Lee Chol's (Kim Hui Cheol) aunt also got married and now pregnant. Bong PD (Kim Jin Soo) is still in love with Kim Chong Ja (Kim Cheong), Lee Chol's mom.

(Happy Ever After)
Go Eun Nim is in their resthouse waiting for Baeg Kang Ho. She has survived but need to wait for five years for her complete recovery. They were eating lunch when it snowed. They went out and were very happy.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Kim Yuna in Vancouver Olympic Game

Yes, it's true that all koreans expected a lot from her. It's because she's a good ice skater so on her Olympic Game performance, all eyes are on her. But her score is more than to our expectations. She's not only a good player but she's great! She skated, dance, and jumped perfectly no wonder why she broke the Ice Skating World Record again. That was a fantastic performance.

Mao Asada and Joanne Rochette also did great but no one could compare with Kim Yuna. You think i'm exaggerated here but you would believe me if you saw how she performed.

There they are! The figure ice skaters of the Olympic Game 2010 that was held in Vancouver. A time to give the awards and sing the Korean National Anthem. One of the most exciting and touching moment.

The score of the Ladies Figure Skating. Can you see the gap of their score? Isn't she really great?

Korea and Koreans are very proud of her! She's the Best!

After winning the gold medal, koreans got panice buying all the products of her commercial like milk, car, etc..And the same earrings the she wore were sold out at the department store.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last Episode of Gongsin

The few last episodes of the drama Gongsin or Kongbu Ui Sin has full of emotions. There are lots of touching scenes like when Pul Ip (Go A Seong) was abandoned by her mother and when Hwang Baeg Hyeon's (Ryu Seung Ho) grandma was hospitalized. Also when someone failed or passed the exam, tears always fall down. As we know, they were the five least among the 500 students so they made a special class and their goal is to send them to Cheon Ha De (Cheon Ha University) "Seoul University".

Today was the last episode of the drama. They took the test. Everyone was in front of the computer to check the result. You can see the different emotions from their faces. Everyone was puzzled including me. Oh Beong Gu (Lee Chan Ho) went out of the room first to meet his teacher. He cried and collapsed. Pul Ip went out next to say that Beong Gu fell down because of happiness. He passed the exam and so did Pul Ip and Baeg Hyeon. Na Hyeon Jeong (Ji Yeon) failed. Heong Chan Doo (Lee Hyeon Woo) was sitting in front of the computer and everyone was waiting for him to tell something about the result of his test. Kang Seok Ho (Kim Soo Ro) said Chan Doo didn't failed or passed the exam. Chan Doo told them that he hasn't thought of which school to go yet. He talked to his parents about his plan. He asked their permissions if he could take a rest on his studies for a year because he wanted to become a dancer. His parents were shocked but gave him freedom to do what he want.

Baeg Hyeon decided to study to Tae Pyeong University instead because he wanted to become an Oriental Doctor. Not only because there is no Oriental Doctor course in Chon Ha De but also he thinks that it's a big burden for his grandma if he will study in that school.

It is one of the touching scenes. When Seog Ho left the school and the students and staffs cried. He made his promise if the five students didn't passed then he would leave so he resigned and went back to his former job as attorney. He's helping the poor people in a small town. Beong Gu and Pul Ip studied in Chon Ha Dae. Baeg Hyeon studied in Tae Pyeong Dae. Chan Doo is learning how to dance and Hyeon Jeong joins the art class. She's very good at drawing.

Han Su Jeong (Bae Doo Na) is teaching fun English to students. She makes her class intesting and fun for the students. Jang Ma Ri (Oh Yoon Ah), the boss is now focusing on the special students because she thinks that Seong Ho would make his promise to come back if there were 10 students joined.

For the last scene, Hwang Baeg Hyeon delivered tangsuyug (sweet and sour pork) in Seong Ho's office. Seong Ho said he might made mistakes because he didn't order that food. He couldn't recognize Baeg Hyeon because his cap covered his whole face. Baeg Hyeon said that was for free. They looked at each other and smiled. And that's how it ended.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Episode of Will it Snow for Christmas?

Will it Snow for Christmas? (Christmas ae nuni olkayo?)I saw the first consecutive part of the series but I didn't like the middle part of the story. Always the same stories happened and it's too boring to see their parents who had relationship before. You know Han Ji Wan's (Han Ye Seul) mom and Cha Kang Jin's (Go Soo) mom were friends and fell in love with the same guy, Han Ji Wan's dad. But the last part is so wonderful. It's very touching and romantic.

They knew that Ji Wan's mom was just pretending to be sick. She knows everything and pretending that she still has a problem with her memory. She kept treating Kang Jin as his son but she couldn't hide it anymore when she saw Kang Jin and Ji Wan hugging each other. She said she kept pretending because she's against their relationship. She hates Kang Jin because she believed that her son and husband died because of him and his mom. She hates his family.

But before Ji Wan's mom told the truth about her condition, Kang Jin already knew about it. But he also pretended because he doesn't want to give up Ji Wan. Kang Jin kneeled down in front of Ji Wan's mom crying. He said he accepted what people said against him for taking care of her but he did everything for her because she loves to Ji Wan. Ji Wan was standing at the door crying and listening to them. She lost her energy and sat down when her mom told Kang Jin that she could forgive him and his family if he would leave her daughter. Kang Jin disagreed then she said then I would never forgive you and your family. He had no choice so he left the house with his heavy feet and shoulders.

The next day, Kang Jin and Ji Wan met to say goodbye. They made a promise not to see each other anymore. No phone calls, and no dine out together.

After a year, they met in school but pretended like strangers. They just passed by and didn't talk to each other. But when Ji Wan came home, she cried a lot. Kang Jin was also crying in his car. Ji Wan's mom saw her crying. Kang Jin's mom saw him crying.

Chun Hee (Kang Jin's mom) invited Young Sook (Ji Wan's mom) to come over to her new coffee bar shop. She asked if Ji Wan is doing well and good health because Kang Jin is in terrible condition. If Ji Wan is happy because Kang Jin is not. If Ji Wan laughs because Kang Jin is sad. If Ji Wan doesn't cry because Kang Jin sometimes cries. She also said that Kang Jin is going abroad after a week so Young Sook's hands started to shake. Her hands were shaking because she knows how much her daughter loves him.

One day, Kang Jin went to the river where his father died. Ji Wan's brother also died in that river. He threw away the necklace then Ji Wan came. They pretended that they didn't know each other. Ji Wan asked if Kang Jin lives in that village. Kang Jin said no but he used to. Ji Wan asked if he knows someone whose name's Kang Jin because her mom wants to meet him and have meal with him before he'll go abroad. Kang Jin just listened to her but answering Ji Wan's questions on his mind. He said how's she doing, she still looks good and he missed her a lot. When Ji Wan left, he followed her and they walked together.

And that is the end.

Btw, Boo San's girlfriend got pregnant so Boo San wants to marry her. Lee Woo Jun and Park Tae Jun are also happy with each other.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kongbu ui Sin

Kongbu ui Sin. Kongbu means Study. Ui means Of. Sin means God. Is Kongbu ui sin means God of Study? Whatever! When I first saw the title, I thought it was a documentary. I watched a bit of the first series but it didn't bother me to watch it over because I thought it's not interesting. But last night, while having dinner, I changed the channel and accidentally saw the interesting part of this drama. The part when the new English teacher came in a very funny costume. The faculty also misunderstood that he was one of the student's mom because he was wearing a blouse with flower on his scarf. He's a teacher who thinks that students learn easily when the class is fun so he uses a cassette player and teaches the students with songs related to his lesson.

Kongbu Ui Sin is a mini series about the students who are not good at studying and the teachers are doing their best so the students can attend to a very good university. They teach the students some strategies on how to learn easily. What is good about it, they also give some ways on how to study at the end of the drama.

This drama is good so I hardly recommend specially to students. The drama is not only about studies. You won't get bored watching it because it's also a combination of romance, drama, and comedy so everyone can enjoy watching it even when you're not a student.

Kongbu ui sin (공부의 신) is a KBS 2 TV mini series and is on every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m. I think Yoo Seung Ho (유승호) as Hwang Baeg Hyon (황백현) is very handsome.

Picture Source: Gongsin

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Korean Best Performance and Entertainment Award

It was my vacation for 4 days including weekends so I watched the programs on TV where each Broadcasting Systems awarded some trophies to the Best programs and entertainers.

There are many to mention so i'm gonna put only the Daesang Award or is it called Best of all the Best Award?

Entertainment Award (Yonyae Daesang)
KBC = Kang Ho Dong (강호동) He passed the award or handed his trophy to Lee Gyung Gyu but after the program, Lee Gyong Gyu gave it back to him.

MBC = Yoo Jae Soek (유재석) He announced that his gonna be a father next year. His wife is pregnant and his so sweet to say that he loves his wife.

SBS= Yoo Jae Seok
Lee Hyo Ri
(이효리) I didn't expect it. He defeated Kang Ho dong. wow! my idol is doing well, huh? congrats!

Best Actors and Actresses (Best Drama Performance) "연기 대상"

MBC = Go Hyeon Jeong (고현정) of Seongdeog Yeowang (선덕 여왕)

KBS = Lee Byeong Hyeon (이병현) of Iris (아이리스). At least his Japanese fans were not disappointed in attending the award night. They came to support him.

KBC = Jang So Hee (장서회) of Wife's Temptation (Anaeui Yuhok) one of my favorites drama. She deserved the prize.