Saturday, March 05, 2011

First Episode of Royal Family

Royal Family is a new drama which is on every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55p.m. The title sounds good so I watched the first part and I enjoyed it a lot. I don't see drama on Wednesday and Thursday and I'm happy to see this new drama written by Kim Yeong-hyeon who also wrote the MBC historical drama "Queen Seon-deok". The drama is directed by Kim Do Hoon (김도훈).

Yeom Jeong-ah is the actress in the drama who goes through hardships. She grew in the orphanage and got married to rich family. Her mother in law hates her and now that her husband died (he committed suicide), her mother in law wants her to leave. She said she's not a member of the family anymore. But she couldn't leave because of her son.

Ji Seong, a young lawyer will help her. They knew each other since they were children. He saw how the royal family treated Yeom Jeong Ah so he took the case from his friend. But instead of being a lawyer against the royal family, the family hired him as their lawyer. He grab it because he wanted to get closer to Yeom Jeong Ah. In that case, he can see her and protect her.

Anyway, it's interesting and I know it will be more entertaining on the next episodes.