Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last Episode of Gongsin

The few last episodes of the drama Gongsin or Kongbu Ui Sin has full of emotions. There are lots of touching scenes like when Pul Ip (Go A Seong) was abandoned by her mother and when Hwang Baeg Hyeon's (Ryu Seung Ho) grandma was hospitalized. Also when someone failed or passed the exam, tears always fall down. As we know, they were the five least among the 500 students so they made a special class and their goal is to send them to Cheon Ha De (Cheon Ha University) "Seoul University".

Today was the last episode of the drama. They took the test. Everyone was in front of the computer to check the result. You can see the different emotions from their faces. Everyone was puzzled including me. Oh Beong Gu (Lee Chan Ho) went out of the room first to meet his teacher. He cried and collapsed. Pul Ip went out next to say that Beong Gu fell down because of happiness. He passed the exam and so did Pul Ip and Baeg Hyeon. Na Hyeon Jeong (Ji Yeon) failed. Heong Chan Doo (Lee Hyeon Woo) was sitting in front of the computer and everyone was waiting for him to tell something about the result of his test. Kang Seok Ho (Kim Soo Ro) said Chan Doo didn't failed or passed the exam. Chan Doo told them that he hasn't thought of which school to go yet. He talked to his parents about his plan. He asked their permissions if he could take a rest on his studies for a year because he wanted to become a dancer. His parents were shocked but gave him freedom to do what he want.

Baeg Hyeon decided to study to Tae Pyeong University instead because he wanted to become an Oriental Doctor. Not only because there is no Oriental Doctor course in Chon Ha De but also he thinks that it's a big burden for his grandma if he will study in that school.

It is one of the touching scenes. When Seog Ho left the school and the students and staffs cried. He made his promise if the five students didn't passed then he would leave so he resigned and went back to his former job as attorney. He's helping the poor people in a small town. Beong Gu and Pul Ip studied in Chon Ha Dae. Baeg Hyeon studied in Tae Pyeong Dae. Chan Doo is learning how to dance and Hyeon Jeong joins the art class. She's very good at drawing.

Han Su Jeong (Bae Doo Na) is teaching fun English to students. She makes her class intesting and fun for the students. Jang Ma Ri (Oh Yoon Ah), the boss is now focusing on the special students because she thinks that Seong Ho would make his promise to come back if there were 10 students joined.

For the last scene, Hwang Baeg Hyeon delivered tangsuyug (sweet and sour pork) in Seong Ho's office. Seong Ho said he might made mistakes because he didn't order that food. He couldn't recognize Baeg Hyeon because his cap covered his whole face. Baeg Hyeon said that was for free. They looked at each other and smiled. And that's how it ended.