Thursday, October 22, 2009


There's another drama on tv that is on every Wednesday and Thursday at 10p.m. of KBS and I'm sure you'll love it. I haven't seen Kim Tae Hui (김태희) on drama for ages so her new drama Iris (Love of Iris) with Lee Byeong Hun (이병헌) is a big hit.

Kim Tae Hui is one of the most beautiful, smartest and famous korean actress and her role in this drama really suits her. Specially her love scene with one of the most hunk and handsome korean guy Kim Byeong Hyun is really awesome. I think they are compatible because they are both famous and good-looking. Except of course their age. hehe...

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Superstar K Winner

I'm watching Superstar K and this is the last part of the show. Who will win 100,000,000won (il og)? There are only 2 finalist are Jo Moon Geun (25) from Seoul and Seo In Gug (23) from Ulsan.

And now the MC is gonna tell the winner. Who is it? Oh, yes! It's really hard to decide. They are both great but they can't get both the crown. And the Superstar K of the year is ~ with an average score of 513 is none other than ~ SEO IN GUG (서인국)!

The score is from the judges, voting from the audience on the internet and text from cellphones.

My favorite eyeglasses

I have many pairs of sunglasses. I don't usually use them and two of them were still new. I haven't used them. My hubby said that I look like dragonfly when I tried them. Well I just got them as a present from my in laws when they went out of town. Now that I need a pair of eyeglasses, I already know what is best. This $ 8 Rx eyeglasses are what I'm talking about. They are My favorite high fashion eyeglasses. Wow! Rx Eyeglasses for only 8? It's amazing! I can say that this is How You Can Start Spending Smart.