Friday, January 23, 2009

I love patio furniture and accessories

I love decorating my house and I'm always interested in checking some stuffs to decorate my home. One thing that I'd like to have is a beautiful patio where I can read and talk with my family. Of course it's much better if I have great patio furniture with some accessories like outdoor lighting, outdoor heater, cushions, and more.

When we talked about outdoor furnitures, wicker furniture and patio umbrellas are what I always think of. The beautiful and relaxing view of your home that feels like you're always in a hotel with your family and friends. And for a high quality and durable furnitures, Today's Swim and Patio is the place to shop for the perfect outdoor extension of your home. It is one of the largest outdoor patio furniture internet sales in the country. There are lots of styles and designs of outdoor furnitures and accessories that you can choose from like Patio Umbrellas, Wicker Outdoor Furniture, Cushions, Covers, Artificial Christmas Trees and a lot more.

What are you waiting for? Check out the patio furnitures and accessories now and start to decorate your home.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are you interested in playing the paintball?

I don't like sports but I'm very much interested in learning and playing the paintball. It looks so much fun so I wanna try it with my friends someday. It is one of the most popular sports specially in America where there are millions of people play every year. Because of my interest in participating the game, I joined the paintball forums to meet some players and read some of their experiences in playing the game. I found the forum more interesting than I expected and I was even touched when I read the paintball story about the young boy and a paintballer from the UK, Chris.

If you like playing a paintball or have an interest in playing the game someday, then check out the paintball forum to learn more about the game and meet some expert and new players.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last Episode of You're my destiny

I came home earlier last night so I had the chance to watch the last episode of the drama You are my destiny "Noneun Nae Unmyeong" (너는 내 운명). The drama ended with a happy and sad ending. I cried when I saw Sae Byok's real mom died in the hospital. You know, the life of a mother who doesn't need anything but to give her daughter a happy and good life. Before she passed away, she left everything for her daughter. From her inheritance, Sae Byeok (Yoon A) opened a charity.

And the happy ending was when Sae Byeok's mother in law accepted her although it wasn't easy at first. Her mother in law lived in the temple for a month and didn't wanna go home until the monk told her that Sae Byeok was sick so she hurried home just to see Sae Byeok in a good condition. She was trying to go back to the temple but Sae Byeok stopped her and there she said that she also loves Sae Byeok. Her mother in law passed her wedding ring to her which means that she now accepted her as a daughter in law.

After the celebration of the opening of Sae Byeok's Foundation "Sae Byeok Jaedan" (name of her charity), they went straight to the wedding hall to marry their parents. Although they refused to get married, their children insisted. It ended when they were taking a wedding picture and Sae Byeok acted like vomitting which everyone's guessed that she's pregnant.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

SBS Entertainment Award

Since Monday, the program on tv is all about the Awarding Night. I saw some of them and here are the list of the award winning entertainers on SBS station.

New Comedian Award (코미디 신인상): Kim Jin Gon (김진곤) Hong Yoon Hwa (홍윤화)

Comedy Excellent Award (코미디 우수상): Han Hyeon Min (한현민)

Comedy Most Excellent Award (코미디 최우수상): (Ungi's Father team) 웅이 아버지 팀

Special Awards (특별상):

Best Writer Award (방성 작가상): Lee Mi Seon (이미선) Jang Yoon Jeong (장윤정) Kim Ju Ri (김주리)

Best Announcer Award(안나우서상): Jeong Mi Seon (정미선)

Best Radio DJ Award (라디오 DJ 상): Chui Hwa Jeong (최화정)

Best Distinguish Service Award (공로상): Jeong Eun A (정은아)

Best Producer MC Award (프로듀서 MC 상): Kim Gu Ra (김구라) Sin Bong Seon (신봉선)

Best TV Star Award (TV 스타 상): Kim Su Ro (김수러) Jang Yoon Jeong (장윤정)

New Entertainer Award (예능 신인상): Yang Jeong A (양정아)

Best Entertainer Award (베스트 엔터테이너 상): Park Sang Myeon (박상면) Sol Bi (솔비)

Best Team Work Award (베스트 팀워크 상): Gold Missga Kanda (골드미스가 간다)

Netizen Most Popular Award (네티즌 최고 인기상): Park Yae Jin (박예진) Lee Cheon Hui (이천희)

TV Audience Most Chosen Program Award (시청자 선정 최우수 프러그램):
1. We Are Family (패밀리가 떴다) 44%
2. Star King (스타킹) 17%
3. Entertainment Sports (예능 선수 촌) 15%
4. Gold Miss (골드미스가 간다) 9%
5. Utchasa "Smile" (웃찾사)

Grand Prize Award (대상): Yoo Jae Seok (유재석)