Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jang Yun Jeong and No Hong Cheol are dating

I guess it's not me who was surprised and shocked in the news that No Hong Cheol and Jang Yoon Jeong are dating. I used to hate No Hong Cheol (No Hong Chul), the comedian, DJ, VJ, and actor because he's very noisy and he's over self-confidence. I think of him as someone whose always proud of himself and doesn't look serious in his life. But when I saw his house on tv, I got a little interest because his house is very clean even when he lives alone. You know, most men don't care about cleaning the house but he's different. Everything in his house is in order including his refrigerator.

Jang Yun Jeong said that No Hong Cheol is always serious when they are together. So I guessed No Hong Cheol's personality is different in his real life. That's just his character on tv.

Btw, I don't like Jang Yun Jeong either but her voice is fantastic. She's one of the queen of Trot(a genre of Korean pop music) singer.

They have shown and voiced out their relationship in public so I'm expecting that a few months later, the next news will be their wedding date. They are old enough so that's possible. Are they compatible?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Woin Gudan (Baseball 2009)

The drama Baseball 2009 (Woin Gudan) is getting more interested everyday. My hubby said the comic book of this drama was very famous. As he watched the drama, he said it's a little bit different with what he read. In the book, Eom Ji doesn't have a sister. But it's almost the same. He knows what would the next thing happen but he's still interested in watching it because he loves baseball. We enjoy watching it together. It's a drama about sports, romance, and comedy. It's a drama for the whole family.

I'd like to tell you more about the drama but it's better if you'll see it for yourself.