Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Choi Jin Sil's Brother Choi Jin Young also Commited Suicide

Choi Jin Young, the younger brother of the late famous Korean actress Choi Jin Sil also commited suicide by hanging himself in an electric wire in the attic of his home on Monday afternoon. A year and a half after the death of his sister Choi Jin Shil who commited suicide last October 2008. He did it because of depression since his sister died and also having a problem with his career as an actor.

Choi Jin Young was taking care of his sister's two children. And now the kids will be left under the custody of their grandmother.

Photo Source: koreanwiz

Monday, March 22, 2010

Birth of a Rich Man

I enjoy watching this KBS drama entitled Birth of a Rich Man "부자의 탄생" (Bujaui Tansaeng). I saw the first episode and I like it so much that's why I don't wanna miss any episodes of the drama.

On the first episode of the drama Birth of a Rich Man, Choi Seok Bong (Ju Hyeon Woo) was young and he was at the school fought with his classmate. The teacher asked the two students what their parents were doing. Choi Seok Bong said his dad was a very rich man but some students said that he doesn't have dad because they have never seen him. They couldn't believe so he showed his necklace and told them how he had it.

There was a lady in the airport to meet his boyfriend who was going abroad but he was with another woman. She was carrying a cake and because of her anger, she threw the cake on his face leaving some dirt on her butt. She was crying and when she saw a chair she sat down and didn't notice the paper on the chair. That paper was the guy's airplane ticket. He was trying to take it but the lady slapped him because she thought he wanted to touch her butt. She stood up and the guy followed her because his ticket was stuck on her butt. When she saw him following her, she hurried outside then the ticket flew away so the guy couldn't take the plane.

He explained everything to her. They were both disappointed so they drank and slept together in a hotel. The next day, they saw in the news that the plane that the guy was about to take crashed. The guy was so grateful and would like to know her better but on that day, an urgent business trip came again so he has to hurry and leave her alone leaving his phone number and a necklace to her. He said he would wait for her call. A few days later, the girl went to the public phone to call him but there was an old woman fell down in the street so she helped her and forgot about the book where the rich guy's phone number was written. She got pregnant and didn't have any contact with the guy.

Than lady was Seok Bong's mother and the guy was his father. When the teacher heard about it, he didn't punish him. He told him to go back to his seat and remember him when he meet his father.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Two Last Episodes of Loving You A Thousand Times

Today was the last episode of Loving You A Thousand Times/ I Love You Ten Million Times or Cheonmanbon Saranghae in Korean. I like it so much that I didn't want to miss any episode. The two last episodes made me cry again. Baeg Kang Ho (Jeong Gyo Woon) found out that Go Eun Nim (Lee Soo Gyeong) has a cancer. He wanted to take care and save her but Go Eun Nim takes pity on him. She doesn't want to see him sad and bothered him, so even when she loves him, she's trying to avoid him.

(Kang Ho Never Gave Up His Love)
Baeg Kang Ho went to Eun Nim's parent to find her but she wasn't there. So he knelt down to Eun Nim's parents and told them to save Eun Nim. They were surprised because they didn't know anything about Eun Nim's condition. They called her and beg if she could come home. She did and so she met Kang Ho outside who was waiting for her. Eun Nim's parent asked him to go home because his grandma called. She was so angry. She said it wasn't right for Kang Ho to go there and meet Eun Nim because they are already divorced. Kang Ho didn't go home. He waited for Eun Nim in his car but Eun Nim asked her parents to tell Kang Ho to leave. Kang Ho cried many times in this drama because of his love to Eun Nim. But he never gave up.

(Kang Ho knew that Eun Nim wants to survive for him.)
Eun Nim came home but she felt very sick at night. She called Kang Ho and they brought her to the hospital. In the hospital, while Kang Ho was out, Eun Nim was crying when she said to her mom that she wants to live longer for Kang Ho and for her dad. She said she can't leave them. Kang Ho was listening in front of the door crying.

(They got married for the second time.)
Kang Ho's brother, Baeg Sae Hoon (Ryu Jin) was very supportive to him. He gave him a house key and told Kang Ho to live there with Eun Nim. The place is good for Eun Nim's health because it's near the sea. He took care of Eun Nim there and one day when Eun Nim woke up, she saw a box in the bed. In the box was a beautiful dress. Kang Ho dressed up too. They went out and Kang Ho took her in the church. They prayed there and married themselves again. It was a very romantic and full of emotions.

(The Happy Ending.)
Go Eun Nim decided to get an operation soon. Everyone was worried because operation means live or death. Before the operation, the whole family gave her encouragement. Baeg Sae Hoon came too. Lee Seon Yeong (Go Eun Mi), her sister in law also decided to come with her son (Eun Nim's Surrogate son). She asked her son to encourage her aunt (real mom) and kiss her. Everyone knows about everything so they cried.

(After 2 years.)
Baeg Kang Ho has been to a business trip. Baeg Sang Ho and his wife have now a good relationship. Kang Ho's mom is still sick (She lost her mind. She acts like a kid.) Nan Jeong (Park Soo Jin) had a daughter. Park Ae Rang, Eun Nim's stepmom (Lee Mi Young) is so happy because finally she's now moving to an apartment. It was her dream. Yoon So Weol (Bang Eun Hui), Lee Chol's (Kim Hui Cheol) aunt also got married and now pregnant. Bong PD (Kim Jin Soo) is still in love with Kim Chong Ja (Kim Cheong), Lee Chol's mom.

(Happy Ever After)
Go Eun Nim is in their resthouse waiting for Baeg Kang Ho. She has survived but need to wait for five years for her complete recovery. They were eating lunch when it snowed. They went out and were very happy.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Kim Yuna in Vancouver Olympic Game

Yes, it's true that all koreans expected a lot from her. It's because she's a good ice skater so on her Olympic Game performance, all eyes are on her. But her score is more than to our expectations. She's not only a good player but she's great! She skated, dance, and jumped perfectly no wonder why she broke the Ice Skating World Record again. That was a fantastic performance.

Mao Asada and Joanne Rochette also did great but no one could compare with Kim Yuna. You think i'm exaggerated here but you would believe me if you saw how she performed.

There they are! The figure ice skaters of the Olympic Game 2010 that was held in Vancouver. A time to give the awards and sing the Korean National Anthem. One of the most exciting and touching moment.

The score of the Ladies Figure Skating. Can you see the gap of their score? Isn't she really great?

Korea and Koreans are very proud of her! She's the Best!

After winning the gold medal, koreans got panice buying all the products of her commercial like milk, car, etc..And the same earrings the she wore were sold out at the department store.