Sunday, January 06, 2013

Jo Seong Min Committed Suicide

It's so heartbreaking to see news that the famous stars are committing suicide. Today, as I was cooking lunch, my hubby told me that Jo Seong Min (조성민), the baseball player and ex-husband of the late Choi Jin Sil (최진실) also found dead in his bathroom. It is said that he also hang himself in the shower booth of his house in Kangnam. It's the same death as Choi Jin Sil, his ex-wife.

A few years ago (2008), his ex-wife Choi Jin Sil committed suicide. Some people blamed Jo Seong Min for her death because one of the reasons that Choi Jin Sil committed suicide was because of depression after getting divorced with him. Choi Jin Sil committed suicide after a few weeks of the death of Ahn Jae Hwan, a Korean actor who also committed suicide in his car.

What is more shocking is that after a year and a half of Choi Jin Sil's death, her brother Choi Jin Young whose people expect to take care of Choi Jin Sil's children also committed suicide. He was found hanging himself in an electric wire in the attic of his home.

It's really shocking and heartbreaking to hear that Jo Seong Min also committed suicide. The situation happened to them has a big impact to their children. How about their kids? They have grandparents or relatives who can take care of them but what is happening now or what happened to their parents is so heartbreaking.

Picture source: hot news

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