Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Friday!

Time flies! It was just Monday and now it's Friday again!'s already weekend because it's now late at night here. Everyday is always the same. Get up in the morning, eat, go to work, arrive home, sleep again and start again the next day. The days that i only know is Monday, Friday and Sunday. I hate Mondays because i have to start the whole week working. I love Fridays because i can stay up all night and i can sleep all day the next day. I always feel sad on Sunday nights because the next day is Monday and i have to work. I'm not saying that i don't like working. Actually, i like working rather than staying at home waiting for hubby, preparing stuffs and cleaning the house. Housework is not just for me. I don't like it. I hate doing household chores. I'm not good at it specially cooking. Luckily, i found the right guy who loves not only me but also my cooking. hehehe...

Oh well, it's Friday and i hope everyone will have a great weekend ahead! Have a nice weekend guys! Any plans for this weekend? We had a plan to go out and see some spring flowers but my father in law suddenly called last night and he's coming here.

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nona said...

wah! I hate mondays too sis, hehe...favorite day ko is saturday, same feeling...sad na kapag sunday haha!
Yung kimchi site mo dito ko siya i-activate sa new site ko...ok? yung sa blogger sa dati pa rin my akoni site. sila ang magkadaupang palad lol!