Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Korean time

My boss told me to come early this morning. He told me to come by 11a.m. but my co-workers came late. The 11 o'clock became 12:00. Is it the Korean time? hehehe...I just watched the teachers doing the demonstration teaching. Before that, my boss told me to write down the bad remarks of their demonstration. Then he asked me about it while we were having lunch.

Because i got up early, so i was very sleepy and tired after the class so i asked my boss if i could leave early. He allowed me so i left the papers that i was doing and i think i have to leave early again tomorrow to finish those test papers that i have to distribute to the students. I'm too busy now a days but it's ok because after this month, i'm gonna go on a trip again. hehehehe...

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Anonymous said...

You're still in Korea? You're so lucky I envy you T T I hope I could also go there someday!