Friday, April 25, 2008

My doggie

I came home late today. Some roads were closed because of the huge fire so some vehicles have to turn around and the bus that i took was one of them. My hubby called me because i wasn't coming. He told me to drop by at the mart to buy food for my doggie. When i came home, my hubby showed me this pictures.

Hubby said, my doggie was sitting beside her bowl staring at it and hubby. Oh, what a pity dog! hehehehe... When i came home, hubby gave her food and sausages and it seems like she didn't eat for days.

I also want to share this picture of her that we've taken last Sunday. When she's in the car, if she doesn't look outside, she sleeps beside or on my lap. Yes, i have to share my seat to her. When we came home we took her a bath. She doesn't like drying her hair with the hair dryer so she always escapes. So hubby put her in the veranda to dry her hair. She couldn't move. She can't step on the artificial grass. At night, while i was lying down on the sofa watching tv, she slept on my legs. Hmmm...i've just realized that she feels comfortable when she's on my legs. Oh, gosh! How about me?


Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

i want to see your picture naman.

nona said...

cute niya! at sosyalin hehe...di ba mana sa me ari?
Ayan bawi ako dito kasi ngayon lang uli nakabalik.

Naomi said...


cute doggie...haha!