Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yi So-Yeon

Yi So-yeon (born June 2, 1978) is a South Korean astronaut and Ph.D. graduate of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). On April 8, 2008, she became the first Korean to fly in space.

Before she travelled in space, every media was watching at her until today that she came back to Earth. Thanks God and all the crews arrived safely. I was really worried specially when Yi S-Yeon said that she had a headache on her first day in the space.

Yi So-Yeon is always in every news. There's even an special program about her travel and they show and talk to her even when she was in space. Last Friday, our topic was about travelling to space so my students were very proud of Yi So-Yeon and all of them want to travel in space. But when i told them how much money they need to travel in space, everyone was shocked. But i encourage them to study hard so that they can get a good job and earn much money or else they can't go to space.

When somebody asked me if i wanted to travel to space, everyone was shocked too when i answered a big "No". I said it's very uncomfortable to live in space and i'm afraid that something bad will happen. They teased me and said i'm a chicken. Oh, well...hehehehe...


Anonymous said...

First words of Yi So Yeon on Earth after landing

with translation in English

Anonymous said...

I've already heard of this before and though I'm not Korean, I felt really proud. Maybe cause I'm Asian too ^^

And sure I'd love to exchange links ^^ I'll link you now.

iamCATHleen..;) said...

sorry if i still haven't linked your blog.. anyway, go koreans!

she's really cool! just 30 y.o., she experienced space already!! ;)