Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two Korean Girls murdered in Pattaya

Two koreans were murdered last friday (April 11) on Koh Larn, Pattaya . The two girls were found dead on a deserted beach. The first one was lying face down on the ground and her hands were tied to the back with a brown cloth. Police presumed that , they had been dead for at least 12 hours. Police investigated the area and found empty beer cans and a foreign whisky bottle, a shoulder bag with no valuable things inside, except a passport , which the picture of the death person was torn out. The passport indicated the name as "Park Ji Hee", a Korean citizen. Police had kept them as evidence. Police also found some Thai baht and Korean currency in their pockets. Koh Larn volunteer police, Mr. Porn Janhom (52), told officers that he saw those two girls were walking along Sa-Mae beach the day before. Police officers revealed that the victims must be attacked and robbed by at least two people, by hitting a hard object on their heads.

On April 12, 2008, at 11am, Pattaya police officers had coordinated with Korean Embassy of Thailand to collect more evidence and gathered the information about the death of two Korean women. They had found out that the victims did not travel with a group tour. They had traveled around Koh Larn privately and expected to leave on the same day as there was no accommodation booking record on the Island. Police made observations that, the bodies were found dead at a place which was very far away from the community and very difficult to access, very disordered with thick woods along the way. The two deceased bodies were found there suspiciously. However, police team took an hour to investigate the area.

Pol.Lt.Col.Sumeht Hanwisai, Pattaya investigator, the officer who is in charge of the case, had stated that this murder case is in the several aspects with no clarification whether it was a robbery or a murderousness. The wounds on their heads were the evidence that it was a murder, the autopsy had stated. The spot where the bodies were found was about 50 meters away from the sea, obviously there was no water would get to the dead bodies but the autopsy found some bubbles in the their blood.


nona said...

vacation that turned out to be horrifying tsk tsk! I am saddened by the news sis...
Anywhere in the world merong ganyan...some people talaga!

kitty said...

OMG how awful naman... I hope whoever did that will suffer from the hands of God, karma na lang ang katapat nun. grabeh, pinatay pa talaga... how sad naman.. nakakatakot na talaga panahon ngayon, kelangan mag ingat talaga lahat. anyhoo, thank you for linking me, I will add you ren.. I'm not sure whether to put you on the moms list or sisters... pls let me know so I'll put you in the proper list.

take care!

God bless xoxo