Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nice weekend!

I got a call last week from my father in law. He got angry because i couldn't call him for almost a month. He reminded me before that i have to call him at least once a week but i'm always nervous whenever i talk to him that's why i can't do what he wants. Besides i have nothing to tell him. I cried after our telephone conversation. My hubby asked me why so i told him.

Last weekend, my parent's in law visited us. They were carrying a big shopping bag. They gave it to me and said that they bought clothes for me to wear in Spring. Actually, i felt nervous again when i knew that they were coming but i felt relieve after i greeted them my father in law talked to me and asked if it didn't rain here. That means he's not angry anymore.

They came here because we had to attend a wedding ceremony. They stayed for a night here. Yesterday we went out to see his friends and had lunch out near his friend's house. Then they invited us to go to the sauna in his friend's place but my hubby refused. While waiting for them, hubby and I went to the market and walked around the village.

On our way home, my hubby told my father in law not to get angry with me. I didn't expect those words and was afraid of my father in law's reactions. But thanks God, he just smiled.

It was a nice weekend!

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