Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Curtains in my living room

We ordered curtains for the living room last week. We called the same Ajassi to whom we bought the blinds for the kitchen and bedrooms. We thought we don't need to put blinds in the living room because we can see the good views outside. We are living on the 20th floor and the building is facing downtown so we decided not to put curtains on it. We feel comfortable when we look outside and see the nice view specially when you wake up in the morning. The lights at night are also wonderful. But my hubby said, he's tired of the view outside. He sees the same thing everyday so we decided to buy blinds in the living room that's why we called ajassi and selected the color the blinds and he measured it.

Ajassi said he would come last Thursday evening but until now he hasn't come, yet. My hubby called him yesterday but his cellphone was off so we were worried about him. When my hubby came from work, he said ajassi called and he will come here on Thursday to put the blinds in the living room. My hubby said that he felt relieved when Ajassi called him not because of the curtain but because he knew that ajassi is well.

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