Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I gained weight

We bought a running machine. My hubby said because I always lie down and doing nothing at home so he wants me to work out. When it was new, I exercised twice a week then it became once a week and now I haven't used it again since winter. How long is that? I'm telling you! I'm a couch potato.

We like traveling and we travel a lot in Korea and some other countries. I thought i'll lose weight because of walking and traveling but the opposite thing happened again. I gained weight instead of losing it. Again, I can't control my eating habit. I like trying different foods so I also eat a lot even when i'm in another country. I think I need to take some diet pills if I want to lose weight. But i'm afraid of the bad side effects of medicines so I have to choose the best one.

I think thermodrenix can help me with my problem because of its good and selected ingredients. It has 6 clinically proven ingredients and a money back guarantee. That means it's proven it assures you that it's effective. Check out here for more information because i'm sure you also need it.

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