Thursday, August 07, 2008

She ruined my day!

I don't like the hajuma that I met this afternoon. She came in the office and forcing me to register and get a credit card. I told her that I don't use credit cards so she's forcing me to use one. Of course I have a credit card and I just lied to her because I thought that would make her leave but she didn't. She didn't stop talking to me and kept following me. I couldn't stand her. I got a headache because of her. I was angry but I couldn't do anything but to take a deep breath. Instead of taking my vacant time, I went in the classroom. I prefer to talk and stay with the noisy students rather than talking and listening to hajuma.

I sometimes can't stand some hajumas. They are very talkative and I think the one that I met this afternoon is the most talkative hajuma. She didn't stop talking and asked lots of things that even a reporter can't beat her. She ruined my day. Or maybe because i have a monthly period and i wasn't in the mood for anything.

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