Sunday, August 03, 2008

My two days vacation

It was my vacation last Thursday and Friday. I waited for it for a long time and seems like in just a twink of an eye, my two days vacation are already gone. It's now Sunday and from tomorrow, as usual, i have to go to work again. Time flies, it seems like I didn't have a vacation. I didn't do anything special except last Friday that I met my former co-worker. We went to the restaurant and had pizza, spaghetti, garlic bread and chicken salad. That's too much for us but it's a set menu so we tried to eat all but we couldn't. We stayed in the restaurant for more than an hour then we went to the park. We talked a lot of things and then we decided to go to another restaurant to have some ice cream. We didn't know how to finish the conversation but it was getting dark so we had to separate. We promised to meet each other again this month with another former co-worker.

And today, we had a plan to go out but we got up late. Around 4p.m. when we decided to go out and take a look of the tent that we saw yesterday at the store in front of our building. And guess what? We bought a tent with some stuffs to use for a picnic. yahoooo... it's time to explore Korea again. hehehehe...

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