Sunday, August 10, 2008

Drunken ajassi

We went camping yesterday and there was this old guy who built his tent next to ours. He was with his son and daughter in law. He drank a lot and whenever we passed to his tent, he invited us to join him drinking alcohol. Hubby and I don't drink but he kept bugging us until hubby sat with him but didn't drink. Hubby just stayed with him for a few minutes because the old guy called his ex-wife and said that he can't live without her. Hubby said that ajassi (old guy) was strange but I told him that maybe he really missed his wife.

Ajassi was very noise. At passed 1 a.m., hajuma (old woman) who was sleeping next to ajassi's tent got angry. She scolded ajassi. Ajassi said that he went to that place to enjoy his life but hajuma was really angry because she was with her sons who couldn't sleep because of ajassi. Drunken jassi said sorry and went inside his tent to sleep. That was the last time that I remember because I also fell asleep after that.

I felt so sorry to ajassi but I'm also grateful to hajuma. Because of her, I slept well until the morning. hehe..


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