Thursday, August 21, 2008

She's a smart dog!

My doggie can't eat without any dishes on her bowl. When we don't have meat to give, we give her some potatoes and anchovies. She also likes fruits. When we have nothing to do at home, we make fun of her.

It's lunch time and for her side dish we put potatoes on her bowl. She likes potatoes very much so when I put down her bowl, I also put those little kangaroos and waited on what she would do. She didn't stop walking around her bowl while barking those dolls. We didn't help her until she got an idea. She bit a kangaroo and carried it off. Yeap, she won! I removed all the kangaroos because I'm afraid that they will be torn. She's a smart dog, isn't she?

Oh yeah, that's our doggie. We brought her to the salon to get a haircut. Actually, it's not the right time to get a haircut because it's getting colder but we couldn't take her a bath so we decided to bring her to the salon not only to have her hair cut but also to clean her whole body. For only $25, she can get a haircut, take a bath, make her ears clean, get her toes cut and a lot more for her hygiene. You can still smell her cologne, can't you? hehehe...

She's a maltese breed so after a few weeks, her hair will go back to its normal length.

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