Monday, August 25, 2008

They were calling me and saying goodbye

I dreamed last night that people were calling my name and saying goodbye. I told my hubby about that. He looked at me seriously and wondered what my dream was about. I usually dream of him with another woman and he always laughed at me when I tell something about it, but this dream is different. It's my first time to dream something like this. It's really strange.

My hubby got much worried when the bowl suddenly broke while pouring some soup for lunch not to mention this burn on my hand that I got while I was ironing the clothes this morning. He wondered if that incident had a connection with my dream. He didn't want me to go to work and wanted me to stay home the whole day. But I'm very busy at work so I told him that I would just be very careful. He told me to use the overpass bridge when I cross the street going to the bus stop instead of the lane. He said, I should be very careful in crossing the street.

My hubby came home earlier than me this evening. As soon as I entered in my house, I saw him smiling in front of the door. He was very happy to see me safely and so was I. I hope my family and relatives are also safe and in good health.

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juni said...

awwww..your husband is so sweet and caring!

take good care of yourself and dont watch too much dramas because they influence your brain a lot, from my experience :)