Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let's play again

I met my sister in law and her husband last weekend. We had lunch together at our favorite restaurant. We had chinese food. After lunch, she said that she wanted to come to my house because it's too hot in her apartment. It surely is, so they stayed here at home watching the olympic game. While watching the olympic game, we decided to play cards. At first we only bet very small amount of money. But we were not satisfied of our bet because it seems like no one was winning. It wasn't interesting but when we raise the bet, it became really fun.

Now I understand why people like going to a place to gamble. Because it's too much fun specially when you are winning even in just a small amount of money. I suddenly remember my parents in law because we usually play with them specially when there's an occasion like Thanksgiving Day. Oh, thanksgiving day is coming so i'm sure I will play cards again.

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