Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It was time for me to buy some cosmetics again so last week i went to the cosmetic store and bought this extra BB cream SPF20 PA++, lip and eye make up remover, and cleansing cream. The make up kit and the herb cleansing foam is free.

We are ladies so buying and putting on make up is a must for koreans. Or else people will stare at you if you are not wearing make up when you go out specially when you go to work. My hubby told me that korean ladies or woman who don't wear make up don't have enough money to buy some cosmetics. Of course, there are few who don't like wearing make up but that's very few. So even when i have lots of cosmetics in my cabinet and still buying some more, he doesn't say anything. He doesn't care how much i spend for the make up. Besides, he sometimes tells me to buy the expensive one to make sure that it has a good quality.

I am a regular customer of the face shop. My foundation, sun cream, lipstick, and lip gloss, mascara, etc. are also from the face shop. I'm also using different brand of cosmetics but the face shop is cheaper compare to other cosmetic stores but i'm satisfied with it.

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