Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's get divorce!

My hubby was very angry. He didn't allow me to get inside the house so i waited for him to go out and talk to him but nothing happened. He left the key to our neighbor's house and when he left, i took it and opened the door. When i got in, i saw the dirty house so i started to clean it. While i was cleaning, my hubby came with another woman. He got angry when he saw me and left the woman outside and we started to argue. I said i would never leave the house. He went out and i saw him and the other woman talking and laughing. I got angry so i went to him and said "Let's get divorce!". We were both shocked. I didn't want to say those words and he also didn't expect them. Then i suddenly woke up. Thanks God! It was just a dream!

In my dream, i live in a house but in real life, we are living in an apartment . In my dream, we are using key to open the door but we don't really use key in our apartment. We have password to enter the door. That was opposite so I hope my dream will happen in an opposite way, too!


♥ CC ♥ said...

wwaaahhh kala ko ano na sis..heheh.. ur dream is the opposite of the real life...Happy blogging

retchel said...

hahaha that was funny.. I thought it was real .

Juliana Dewi K said...

Oh...I felt relief it was just a nightmare.I hope there will be no other woman between you and your hubby.