Friday, July 25, 2008

my new friends

I went to the market with hubby. On the entrance of the door, there is this man selling some plants. I told hubby that i want this cactus for the dining table. Actually the flower on the left is pink that's why it attracts me. I don't know why it looks a red color on the picture. My hubby told me to buy it.

But then he saw this plants with colorful pots hanging on the side of the mirror. He asked the price and he got two of them. The blue pots have magnets that's why they were stucked on the mirror. And they also have hooked so if you want to an area where you can't stick them, then you can just use the hooks. But look, the hooks or magnets are useless because i'm not hanging them.

Oh yes, I've got new friends. I sometimes talk to them. I don't want them to wither like my other plants. I hope these plants will live well like my other plants, too!

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