Thursday, July 31, 2008

He dialed 112

Last night, there was a man who drove his noisy motorcyle in front of our apartment. The noise was unbearable and he kept driving here and there for almost 30 minutes. And mind you, that was already midnight. Although it wasn't our sleeping time (we always sleep after 1 a.m.), my hubby couldn't stand the noise (and me, neither) so he picked up the phone and dialed 112. The emergency telephone number in calling a policeman.

After a few minutes, we heard sound of a siren and there it was, we saw the police car and heard the megaphone calling the man on his noisy motorcycle. They talked for several minutes and then we never heard any noise again. We also started to see the apartment building in front of us turning off their lights. I think they were also bothered by that noise.

Do you think we are bad? Well, you can understand us if you were here at that time.

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