Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm so lucky! blog got PR2? wow~! I'm so lucky, lucky! I'm so lucky, lucky! hehehehe...It was PR1 before and now it's PR2. It's time for a party, don't you think so? Hmm... how can i start? Hmmmm...let's see~...Ok, i got an idea! How about traveling around Korea and have some Korean food? hehehe...

Let me tell you about this blog of mine. I started it just to make a file of my travel pictures but when i saw a site where i can gather all the pictures, this photo blog became my everything blog. Why is it everything? Because i post here about my travel, personal blog, my pet, teaching, korean drama, movies, news, entertainment and a lot more. Even me, i'm confuse on what my blog is all about. Anyway, I'm happy that after few months of spending efforts in posting anything here, it already got PR2. Oh~ thank you so much~ Mr. Google!


Carlota said...

can I join the party? hehehe. si mr. gogol keep snobbing me :-(

congrats sis!

hbp said...

congratz po.. my other blog was pr 3 down to 0.. :(

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