Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If you love yourself and your family! Stop Smoking!

Yesterday we went to the hospital to visit my hubby's uncle. My mother in law prepared some food and bought some clothes and slippers for aunt and uncle to use in the hospital and hubby told me to give some money. Aunt looked very tired and worried. She showed us the outcome of the x-ray. There is a dark part on his left brain. The doctor said that he's gonna check it one more time and will tell them if uncle will get an operation. He was still under observation when we were there.

This evening, my mother in law called and said that uncle is very sick. Even if he will have an operation, that won't cure him. That means there's no single chance for him to survive in that disease. But who knows! I believe in God and in his miracle! Help me to pray for him.

I heard from my mother in law that he got his disease from drinking much alcohol and smoking. My boss' father also passed away because of smoking. We also visited him in the hospital and after a few days. We heard the bad news!

Drinking and smoking won't do any good to us! If you love yourself and your family! Stop Smoking and don't drink too much alcohol.

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cielo said...

my uncle passed away because of abuse in smoking what makes it worse is that one of his grandchildren acquired a baby tubercolosis which when diagnosed was bought about by passive smoking from his lolo.